Thursday, July 31, 2008

Collapsing the Scrum

Our Lambeth journey continues and we are only a few days away from its conclusion. As I have said elsewhere, for me, it has been simply and successfully a gathering and place of encounter: meeting and engaging with other bishops from other parts of the Anglican Communion and addressing the issues in respectful, mutual dialogue. I couldn't have asked for more: it is the sort of Lambeth I have prayed for.

This process hasn't suited everyone, particularly those who feel they need swift resolutions to a crisis. If I have one main worry at this stage it is that someone will try to collapse the scrum - to stop the play and disrupt the process by demanding a new process or a U-turn in our current process at this eleventh hour.

As is so often the case with people, so it is, I believe, with Anglicanism: our greatest strength, paradoxically, may also, at times, be our weakness. So it is with our diversity and inclusiveness, but these are worth clinging to. And all this will take time and many more weeks of listening into the future.

Pray that no one will try to collapse or pull down the scrum!


surfelix said...

+Paul. As Lambeth draws to a close I just wanted to say thank you for your blogs. They have kept us so aware of what you have been going through, in every sense. I was very taken by the address by the Chief Rabbi and felt it was a most excellent reminder of that which a covenant is. Powerful words indeed. Perhaps the scrum will not be pulled down when others reflect on the affect it might have on the "whole family". And, in rugby terms, not even the most aggressive, dangerous lunatic would deliberately pull down a scrum because of the possibility of really hurting an opposing player.
Here's hoping, and praying.

crosbhealai said...

Go n-eirí go geal libh don chuid eile den chomdháil, a Phól. Súil agam nach ndeanfar an chlibirt (scrum) a cliseadh!